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IMECON Engineering S.r.l. is a leading Italian company that specialises in the design, prototyping and manufacturing of turn-key technological solutions. Specialized in Digital Signage Solutions for urban, cultural and tourist locations whit perfect synthesis between design and technological innovation.
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Design made in Italy

Safe products and quality

Milano – Expo2015 – Wayfinding

Technological solutions

Manufacturing of turn-key


We satisfy your needs

Leading Italian company

Passion and dedication build bridges between dreams and reality.

Leading Italian company
Specialized in Digital Signage Solutions, in several years of activity we have developed a complete range of products with features that are unique to the market.

Every product is designed and tested in Imecon R&D labs. A skilled team is capable of designing mechanical structures, driving electronics and control software.

Starting from the key components (aluminium and glass), everything is manufactured in 5,000 sqm of production surface by means of state-of-the art equipments.

The Camaleonte program was created to satisfy the most demanding audience of people who are unwilling to settle and looking for a product that is one of a kind.



The leading advertising solution for urban, cultural and tourist locations whit perfect synthesis between design and technological innovation.



  • Amsterdam – InAvate award for most innovative Digital Project in 2015

    At ISE Clear Channel Italy wins the award for the most Innovative Digital Project of 2015 in the “Transport Facility” category; what makes Clear Channel Italy worthy of such a prestigious award, given on occasion of the most important event worldwide in the Technology sector,......

  • Expo2015 – Official suplier for Digital Signage

    Samsung Electronics Italia (official global partner of EXPO2015) has selected Imecon to design, manufacture and install all digital signage solutions that more than 20 Million people will use during their visit to the most important exhibition worldwide (Milan, from May 1st to October 31st 2015).......

  • Expo2015 – Food Stock Exchange in Pavilion Zero

    Pavilion Zero develop the main theme of Expo2015: “feeding the planet, energy for life”; one of the main installation is the Food Stock Exchange, that shows the worldwide negotiated value of main elements through a huge display. The videowall showing these information has been created,......


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Value services

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