imecon launches anima to revolutionize indoor digital signage

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Anima is the brand new line for indoor digital signage created by Imecon.

The totem is developed using high quality material to ensure optimal performance.

Plug&Adertise unit designed to be installed swiftly and with ease: position it where you see fit, connect power, a rapid configuration by remote control or just plugging in an USB stick and it’s done.
No screws, no tools. 

sharp imaging and vibrant colours


The Anima comes with a full-HD screen which will show all photo and video content in great quality and fine detail. The display has an excellent contrast ratio resulting in deep colours and real colour representation. Displaying true to life images, this screen will amaze you with fine lines and fluid motion. Perfect images from every point of view, without distortion or change of color. This viewing angle makes sure all who visit can see your message.

elegant metal enclosure


The structure is strong and durable while maintaining a modern design. Made of steel and powdercoated to give it a lasting professional finish. A totem with a modern style driven by a fit-for-purpose content management system that is included.


Shops, Hotel Lobbies, Sports Centres, Hospital Waiting Rooms, etc...

Designed for indoor locations, the Anima stands its ground on its own on the shop floor to show this week’s highlighted products, next to the reception in a hotel to welcome special guests and show them the way,  display the program of the day in the gym or inform patients about the actual waiting times in the GP’s waiting room.

From advertisement to information; this is the product.


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