The new “OeM Imecon Modules”: optimized integration for system integrators

A 2020 already full of news: from the beginning of this New Year, Imecon opens to the creation of LCD all-in-one modules fully integrable in third party indoor and outdoor solutions. By removing every mediator, from now on designers, architects and system integrator can achieve even the hardest goal.

The “All Made in Imecon” policy is reflected even in this new project: the components we propose are fully projected and developed in Imecon, therefore hardware and software perfectly work together for the most simple and efficient solution of the market

Semplicity is really the feature we have the most focused on: incredibly easy to integrate these solutions take over every hardware component that, otherwise, should have been bought and assembled separately:
in addition to the LCD panel with patented backlight, the module integrates ventilation system, protection glass, multimedia player, electronics and diagnostics system.

This central component is certified by Imecon and it is optimized to integrate in every structure. Furthermore, every single module has Jot and The Tail software installed. These software manage and optimize the contents, while collecting data on the performances in easy-to-read online graphs.

By the certification, we ensure these components have Imecon warranty and service support, the access to educational instruments and help to use the software at its best.

These new modules can have an indoor or rugged configuration. The rugged ones are thought to be installed in outdoor and/or complex location (such as airports or train stations): with an IP65 rate, the components have their own ventilation and backlight system ready.

Your product, your design, Imecon certified.

Who is Imecon

From several years, Imecon is a reference point in the Digital Signage industry. Among its main success stories, Imecon has the digital renewal of London Underground, the digital transformation of Grandi Stazioni d’Italia and the deployment of the outdoor network of some of the most important European cities alcune delle più importanti città europee, from Madrid to Stockholm.

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