The Success of the City Gate at Smart City Expo World Congress

The 9th edition of Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona has ended one month ago, counting 24.399 visitors from all over the world willing to get to know projects, products and technologies created by the 100 exhibitors: amongst them, Voilàp has made its debut.

Through the last few years, this event has become an important meeting point between brands, experts, influencers and important people of the world regarding smart city.

Therefore, Voilàp has chosen this international event to unveil the City Gate; a new city hub concept to provide citizens a series of useful services to ameliorate everyday life, creating in the same time a smart city infrastructure.


What can the City Gate do?


Let us start from one of the fundamentals of the Smart City: 5G connectivity.

Whether the aim of a Smart City is to spread the best connectivity available, then the City Gate in the full built-in solution. Lateral pillars have room to host 5G router and multi-tenant micro cells. A wide range of 5G antennas can be placed on its top (over 4.6mt high) to protect people and maximize the transmission.
This way, every installed device throughout the city ensures deep 5G connectivity coverage.

Nonetheless, that is not the only aim of lateral pillars: the inner part of the structure is fully customisable to adapt to any specific need. Municipalities could add and connect several IOT sensors to keep under control air quality, traffic flows, pollution statistics, up to lighting system and 4k surveillance cameras.

The central part of the pillar, built with specifically chosen material, deploys other functional services, such as wireless charger for smartphones, payment systems, lockers or even slots for a defibrillator.

The City Gate is not a hub to provide services only, it is also a powerful communication device, this being one of the most appreciated feature of the product during Smart City Expo World Congress.

Two 4K screens, available in 86” and 75” format, can stream high quality HDR contents on one side (or both). Slightly curved outward, we wanted to ameliorate the viewing angle to deliver a better and immersive experience. Furthermore, the modular patented backlight system can provide up to 6000 Nits to optimize readability even in full sunlight.

At the end of its lifecycle, it is possible to make a simple and inexpensive substitution of the single backlight unit, without specific tools. By this great versatility, the maintenance problem can be easily pursued: to make it even easier, the City Gate has on purpose created room to host every needed tool, You’ll find even a ladder to reach every corner of the product.  

Hardware is not the only thing we wanted to be smarter: there’s a dedicated software to share performance indicators on the JOT Big Data database. Using machine- and deep-learning algorithms, it can automatically identify and fix failures to restore correct functioning, thus reducing the number of maintenance interventions.


Voilàp’s City Gate, in just 3 days, was able to collected more than 150 meetings with the main Smart City player in the world: Huawei to implement 5G cells, Microsoft regarding the project Campus 88 Acres in Seattle and several Italian important players, such as Rome Municipality willing to digitalize the most important squares of the Italian Capital.

Thanks to the innovation represented by the City Gate, the Voilàp brand made itself an influential and recognised voice for Smart Cities, perfecting its new positioning on the market.