Why did Google, Netflix and Disney, enter into competition for the Ribbon?

A spectacular launch of the new Digital Imecon Ribbons: from the beginning of 2019,  Piccadilly, King's Cross and other iconic stations of the London underground have adopted the new solution to accompany the 15 million monthly travellers with a series of synchronized and side-by-side screens along the entire escalator route.

To testify the effectiveness of this solution, is that from day one, top brands like Netflix, Google, Easyjet, Disney and O2 were among the first companies to have chosen to develop ad hoc contents for the Ribbon..

This innovative system is capable of unleashing creativity never seen before, makes the passage on escalators more pleasant and engaging: the study on “The Engagement Zone 2.0” conducted by Exterion Media and Bournemouth University is concentrated on the increased engagement of this kind of communication. The results of this study mark that the user engagement is four times more effective than that achieved by static posters and that more than 10% of travellers coming in contact with London metro ads start searching for the advertised  products. 

“A fantastic addition to our advertising estate, making it more attractive to brands by allowing them to engage with the London audience and create more memorable moments for our customers. We are continuing to invest in our advertising estate, which is already one of the most valuable in the world, and enables us to raise vital revenue to reinvest back into the transport network."
[Chris Reader, head of commercial media TfL]

By October 2019, eight stations in the central area of ​​London, will be ready to implement this upgrade.

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