Imecon Software update: Smarter, easier.

The hardware and software integration is the real strong point of Imecon: a product taking its first steps as a complete solution, takes the hard line on third party solutions. It just doesn’t need them. This is the reason why we keep on working to enhance the native integration of the Hardware with Jot and The Tail, respectively the product remote management software and the content management software, both developed in Imecon.


One of the most used feature of Jot is performance prediction: Imecon totems adapt their behaviour to the location they are in, forstalling situations and gradually correcting their own metrics. Totems can therefore avoid sudden behaviour change (leading to energy consumption peaks) and reduce the chance for mechanical parts to break.
Even hardware components are led by performance prediction: potential malfunctioning are pinpointed before they can create problems to product’s performances. The new Jot update develops a diagnosis of the malfunctioning and deploys an action to solve the issue, sending a warning and a notification of what has been done to the user. From this update, then, Jot will solve software problems on its own and the user will only be updated. It will also enhance the the Jot and The Tail integration, allowing the creation of alerts (the rules causing a warning) even on events managed by The Tail


Even The Tail presents a major update, facilitating the whole User Experience. The new Home Page shows a chart where it’s easy to understand the connectivity status of all the objects of a fleet with a single glance. You can also keep under control the playlists that are going to expire soon.
A new “search filter” will help you finding the contents you uploaded that you want to add to a playlist.