Passion and dedication build bridges between dreams and reality.


IMECON Engineering S.r.l. is a leading Italian company that specialises in the design, prototyping and manufacturing of turn-key technological solutions. Using mechanical and electronic components to create the most advanced solutions, every item is designed and built accordingly with client’s specifications. In the area of Digital Signage, IMECON has developed a range of products with features that are unique to the market and which are supported by stringent tests performed at independent laboratories to guarantee safety and quality.


A brand new building with more than 5,000 m² dedicated to the manufacturing of all products designed by the R&D with a dust controlled environment and a strict quality control system ensure the highest standards in terms of reliability and quality to the outgoing products. Every single production step is executed internally: aluminium extrusions are tooled by two 5-axis work centers directly linked to the CAD stations for a perfect execution of the sophisticated processes; raw glass is tooled and laminated in a state-of-the-art plant to achieve the maximum flexibility and quality.


The Camaleonte program was created to satisfy our most demanding day-to-day needs. We firmly believe that true exclusivity can only be attained through a meticulous selection of materials and careful attention to every detail, born out of a manufacturing process based on hard work. Who is the Camaleonte program aimed at? The Camaleonte program is aimed at a demanding audience of people who are unwilling to settle and looking for a product that is one of a kind.