Production System

A perfect integration of precision mechanics, electronics components
and advanced software.

Production Facility

Imecon production facility extends over a surface of more than 5,000 square meters and is fully dedicated to the production of Digital Signage solutions.

Conveniently located close to Milano area in two buildings specifically realized for this purpose, it includes state-of-the-art equipment and clean room to secure the highest quality standards.

Aluminium Tooling

Aluminium is the one of the best materials to create robust, elegant and rust-proof structures for our products.

Thanks to two high speed 5 axis tooling machines operating full speed we can secure a production capability for whatever need: either for massive large scale rollouts or for accurate prototyping, everything is possible without any compromise about the quality level.

Glass Lamination

Glass is the key component for our products and plays a significant role in the content visualization chain. Thanks to the internal cutting and lamination facility we can manage with flexibility and precision the production of any kind of glass composition.

Special surface treatments and coatings, foils lamination to improve the behavior in specific environments, multi-colored silkscreen to match the customer need: everything is now possible from prototypes to volumes.