Full outdoor totem

Visible in direct sunlight

Ooh digital advertising

Maintenance free

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SpecDisplay sizes 70”, 80”, 90”
Protection Index IP67
Cooling no air conditioning 
Environment full outdoor / direct sunlight
Brightness 3.000 – 8.000 cd/m²
Backlight custom design/replaceable in field
Operation 24/7
Integrated PC industrial range – Core i7
Self-diagnostic infiniTVision
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Imecon “Quindici.01” outdoor line- up of products have been designed for Ooh advertising in outdoor locations, with a maintenance free approach and a reduced TCO by means of the Imecon proprietary technologies implemented in the devices. Imecon approach is not to integrate an existing LCD inside a structure, but to design an IP67 product in which the open-cell LCD is just one of the components: all the other parts (i.e. back-light, telemetry, remote management) are proprietary.
In particular the backlights are easily replaceable in field by means of a normal maintenance operation and without the need of any special tool.
The components used are derivated from the automotive industry, so it is possible to manage long term warranty periods by optimizing the lifetime of the installed network.



The range of products includes several sizes (70”, 80”, 90”), is available as a single side, double side (with LCD or static poster unit), with or without base (for an integration in an existing street furniture); the external shape can be freely customized to offer a unique look and feel to the structure in relationship with the installation site or with the customer branding style.
The proprietary and modular display backlighting system is capable of providing from 3.000cd/m² up to 8.000cd/m² and the system automatically sets the backlight brightness in accordance to the ambient light levels (measured via a light sensor fitted on the glass door) and environmental conditions (temperature).
 The on board telemetry solution in combination with the integrated sensors allow to manage the totems of the display network independently from the CMS solution installed: several parameters, internal and external, are logged during the normal operation for each unit and made available through a simple but powerful web based interface.
By means of a colorimeter it is possible to detect in real time the colour and brightness associated to the media content in order to provide a reliable and certified proof of playout, proof of brightness and proof of color.



Rainstorms to the desert

Weather-proof, full-outdoor

Maintenance free

No filters, no air exchange, totally sealed

Ultra-high brightness

Ultra-high brightness – up to 8.000 cd/m2

North Pole to Equator

Perfect visibility North Pole to Equator

Brightness guaranteed

Custom design replaceable in field

Always on

24/7, heavy duty operation

Plug & advertise-TM

Cloud based, proprietary, remote management

Fashion on the move

Ultra-slim, designed for street forniture

Size matters

70”, 80’’, 90”

Power is nothing without control

Industrial range , i7 Core PC

Environment protection

100% recyclable materials and components

Chamaleon Program

Customisable to fit application requirements